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Marriage is Designed as Companionship

“Marriage is not just about the number of years accumulated together. Most importantly, it is how by being together, overcame various challenges and achieved success with God’s help and guidance. When God is involved, anything is possible, and everything is achievable.”

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Loving our Neighbor and our Enemies

We need to remember that before God asked us to love our neighbour and others, He manifested His love to us through the death of Jesus Christ. While we were considered an enemy of God, He loved us despite our sinfulness. Because of this simple reason, it’s our turn to employ the same mindset of loving others and our neighbours. ~ACN

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Living by Faith through God’s Grace

“God is at work even when we do not know how He is doing it. He is the God of all grace and we need His grace to endure a seemingly bleak and unknown future. It is only through God’s grace that we are secured and assured daily.”

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Have the 7 Seals of the Book of Revelation Been Opened? 

In short, we have not yet reached the end of the world. When we get to that point in time, we won’t need an article in the “Express” to let us know.

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Reading the Scriptures, more than reading the headlines, is worth more in guiding us towards understanding the signs of the times. Familiarity with the Scriptures and you’ll never be misled by any sensational headlines or news from unknown sources. Scriptures foretold the signs of the times. Keep watch but never become afraid. Instead, become excited, for Jesus said: “when you see things happening, your redemption draws near.”

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JRAM Church Online – April 26, 2020 “Shifting Mindsets: Experiencing God’s Best in our Worst Situation”

How does God shift people’s mindset? God has various ways of causing a shift of mindset among the people. Whether through literal imprisonment or through a specific judgment or fear of punishment of death, there’s always an expected response. Hopefully, it is the right response.

JRAM Church Online – April 26, 2020 Speaker – Aldrin Navo – JRAM Senior Pastor

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Online Worship Service: “Hang On or Lose Heart” – Parable of the Persistent Widow

Because of the delay in the consummation of the kingdom, it is especially important for persistent prayer to characterize the Christian life. This will ensure that a community of faith will exist when the Son of Man comes. ~New American Commentary

JRAM Church Online – April 19, 2020 Speaker – Aldrin Navo – JRAM Senior Pastor

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