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Does the ‘God Particle’ Disprove God? |


Just thought of sharing this very interesting news.

Please click this link : Does the ‘God Particle’ Disprove God? |

A great read to understand of the new level that science has reached  so far…Yet it will only prove that God’s power is yet to be discovered but cannot be understood by finite minds…

But this is a great discovery of biblical proportions as some would say…And it only goes to show that there are more mysteries that anyone of us could ever fathom…

Praise God for His Omniscience…Enjoy it!



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4 thoughts on “Does the ‘God Particle’ Disprove God? |

  1. The term “God Particle” came from the book “The God Particle / If the Universe is the Answer, What is the Question?,” by Leon Lederman & Dick Teresi (first published in 1993 and reissued in 2006), which is in the bibliography of my free ebook on comparative mysticism.

    In his 2006 Preface Dr. Lederman, a Nobel laureate in physics, wrote:
    “Now as for the title, The God Particle, my coauthor, Dick Teresi, has agreed to accept the blame. I mentioned the phrase as a joke once in a speech, and he remembered it and used it as the working title of the book. The title ended up offending two groups: 1) those who believe in God and 2) those who do not. We were warmly received by those in the middle.”

    1. Wow..This is great information…Thanks for sharing it…What started as a joke became a well-known phrase that has become meaningful to the both groups..This is really funny…

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