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Meaning of 5 famous car logos: Audi to Chevrolet – Yahoo! Autos

Please click this link: Meaning of 5 famous car logos: Audi to Chevrolet – Yahoo! Autos.

“Car badges are the visual equivalent of jingles, the biggest ones ubiquitous and immediately recognizable. For carmakers, logos are a compact way to communicate to consumers brand values like prestige and dependability.”  – 

By Michael Small | Yahoo! Autos Canada – Thu, 16 Aug, 2012 9:33 AM EDT

Seeing these logos immediately flashes what they are made of: quality, price and workmanship. How important are logos to any products? They become the identity known by all that sees it. Its image provide what consumers need to know about it. In other words, logos are not just a symbol of any company but also of its personality including its integrity and dependability. Logos speaks a lot about the company’s profile and how it is viewed by all that sees it.

If you have a logo that you carry, how does people view you and what do they say about it?

Just my thoughts on the importance of a logo…



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