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Something to Reflect About……

Hope that you may be encouraged as I was after reading this message for all who are truly lovers of Jesus.

“God is clearly saying that He is longing for His saints to be like John, the Beloved, who loved to spend time in intimacy, leaning on His chest and listening to His heartbeat. In God’s immense heart of love and passion, He has many burdens and desires for the multitudes of people in every tribe and nation of the world. It’s interesting that this same disciple, who heard the heartbeat of Jesus, had one main theme – LOVE.

So many people want a “ministry”, but so few want to take the time to be His “oracle.” Jesus is looking for some “John’s” and some “Mary’s”. Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus, was the one who sat at Jesus’ feet, listening to every word He spoke.

The good news is that the Holy Spirit is drawing millions of worshippers into the Father’s heart. He is raising up lovers of Jesus in every tribe and nation of the world. They are becoming the vibrant, passionate and powerful oracles of God, sharing His love and wisdom in high-impact ways, bringing God’s glorious presence with them wherever they go.” –Ben Peters, Kingdom Sending Center



Married, with two young adults, serving God's plan and purpose in my life as as husband, father, Jesus' disciple and servant to God's people.

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