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Officially launched: North Vancouver Sunday Service of Jesus Rock of Ages Ministries

Last Sunday, September 16 cannot just be considered an ordinary Sunday when JRAM-North Vancouver is concerned. Although they have started their Sunday service just a week ago from a Home Bible Study Group in the past month and what took place last Sunday was very special indeed. JRAM churches from the Lower Mainland was represented and provided their firm support for the newest member of the JRAM Family of Churches. Although others may not have been there, it is unquestionable that they can feel the joy of this occasion as well.

There’s no doubt that JRAM-North Vancouver was looking forward to seeing many of their brethren seeing another church alive and well to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus in the city of North Vancouver and surrounding cities. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation and excitement as the people came in to witness a grand celebration of lifting Jesus up together in exuberant joy of praise and worship led by the JRAM BC Music Team with Erik Mangao leading it and the JRAM-BC Youth Ministry who led the celebration songs also. Each part of the service and those assigned added in giving honor to what God has done so far especially when the JRAM-Vancouver Dance Team offered a Tambourine number to the delight of all.

The message I’ve shared focused on “The Mandate of the Church” with a simple challenge that the “world will never go to church, thus, the need for the church to go to the world” as Jesus commanded it. Three things must be done: (a) Carry on Jesus’ mandate; (b) Carry out the Great Commission; and (c) Carry through as one of the churches in the Body of Christ the mandate that JRAM received. Thus, JRAM churches must endeavor to become a blessing and not a burden to God’s Kingdom and the community as Jesus’ disciples and servants of the Living God. But most importantly, JRAM will focus on people that need Jesus and leaving behind those that have found Jesus already. The fact is simple: there are still more that need Jesus than those that have found Him.

Over all, it was a grand day to honor God and His mighty favor, blessings and presence as His people lifted Him up in one accord to declare His Lordship as the center of it all. Remembering that no celebration is ever complete without a time of fellowship over a meal prepared, shared and overflowing to all who attended. Everything was great up to the last bite. Thanks to all JRAM brethren for being part of a special day of the official launching of JRAM-North Vancouver and a big congratulations to our brethren, workers, leaders and attendees of JRAM-North Vancouver with their Coordinator, Emer Valdez, together with his wife Lani and their children supporting them all the way. Let’s continue to pray for them as they see God at work in God’s ministry.

JRAM-North Vancouver, get ready for great things ahead. God bless us all as we pursue the utmost for His highest. TOGETHER LET’S DECLARE JESUS ROCKS NORTH VANCOUVER!




Married, with two young adults, serving God's plan and purpose in my life as as husband, father, Jesus' disciple and servant to God's people.

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