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Going to a Movie Theater to Worship

Today, September 23, 2012 I had an opportunity to visit and minister God’s Word to Surrey-JRAM Church. More importantly, it was my first time to attend their worship venue at the Empire Theater in Guildford, Surrey. What I discovered today gave me an important lesson that if a theater can have such pleasant venues to provide the public such a wonderful place to watch movies, why can’t the church use it as a venue to honor God also?  The simple fact of church experience nowadays is this: any place can be used to transform as a haven for a worshipping community like Surrey-JRAM even a very nice movie theater.

Jesus Rock of Ages Ministries -Surrey Church meets here Sundays @9:30am

The most interesting part is the irony of it all. While we as a family go to the same place to watch movies, today, we went to meet God and His people to come together to worship Him in the same theater. Entering the theater today to worship God gave me another level of understanding that God and the worship of God’s people can never be limited by any space but it can be elevated higher even inside a theater. Thus, I liked the venue of a theater to worship God with His people. Thanks Surrey-JRAM for the worship experience in a movie theater. You have the best place to lift Jesus the Rock of Ages…. God bless!

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