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What Am I Thankful For?

In this season of Thanksgiving, I have a lot to be thankful for and this space may not contain everything. However, I will try to narrow them down so that I can specifically mention those that particularly caused me to be filled with considerable gratitude.

Sir Moses Montefiore, the Hebrew philanthropist, had as the motto of his family, “Think and Thank.” In the old Anglo-Saxon language thankfulness means “thinkfulness.” Thinking of all God’s goodnesses draws forth gratitude The King’s Business.

In summary, God has indeed been good to me as I approach another  year of existence. It has been an amazing journey in all sense of the word. At the age of 12, my Mom introduced me to the born-again experience and her guidance to us when my dad was away abroad was exceptional. At the age of 15, I became committed to the Lord through the JIL Church. At the age of 18, my whole family immigrated to Canada and was introduced to a new level of life in a new country. At the age of 21, I became a pioneering pastor of JIL in British Columbia. I got married when I was 25 years old and given two wonderful children that are now both serving the Lord in the Music Ministry as instrumentalists.

I am thankful for my family with my Mom and Dad and 4 siblings including their respective husbands and children. I am grateful for my in-laws that gave us support. I am thankful for a huge extended family from both sides of the family that gave me many encouragement and support as I was growing up vacationing in Bulacan and Pampanga. My Aunts and Uncles together with their children that inspired me as I see their lives fulfilled in many ways. Most importantly, I am grateful for my Dad that gave me understanding as to how a life must be lived responsibly for the family and the ones you love.

In my spiritual life, there are many that have been instrumental as mentors, disciplers and special friends that God brought along my way but not quite as tireless as my “Ate Lhou.” Even at this time, she never wavers to remind me of my calling and to this I am very grateful to her. Also, without forgetting the special woman in my life, Monette, having been by my side since we got married provided an important role that only she can fill and fulfill in all aspects of my life in good times and worst of times. Thank you Lord for Monette!

My being a pastor can never be mentioned without the JIL Church that I have been privileged to become part of since I was 15 until April of this year. I have learned a lot and will never forget where I came from. I owe them a lot and a huge debt of gratitude to Bro. Eddie and Sis. Dory for the opportunity of serving God in this ministry that can never be easily forgotten. Also, to the many pastors and church leaders that have impacted my Christian life one way or another including those that I’ve worked with in the past 21 years, thank you very much for your lives.

Last but not the least, I am grateful to the Lord for the new ministry that He has entrusted us, the Jesus Rock of Ages Ministries (JRAM), a ministry to continue my calling as God’s servant and service to others together with my family. I am especially thankful to the JRAM Pastors, leaders, workers and congregations that have chosen to become part of this new ministry in giving their full trust and unwavering support. Thank you to all who have partnered with us in this new adventure including other ministries in the Body of Christ. I am thankful also for new acquaintances and friends that God is bringing our way. Many years will come and pass, but God will be with us until we fulfill His plan for our lives until He comes.

Thank you Lord, I and with my family, give you praise for these many wonderful things indeed!



Married, with two young adults, serving God's plan and purpose in my life as as husband, father, Jesus' disciple and servant to God's people.

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