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Young friends in Missouri discover they’re brothers | Good News – Yahoo! News Canada

Here’s another great story of how an unforeseen situation can yield unexpected happy endings. Please click here to read about this heart-warming story : Young friends in Missouri discover they’re brothers | Good News – Yahoo! News Canada.

I like this story very much and it proved that there are ways to discover connections however bleak the situations might be. I believe God has His way of bringing together people through situations that cannot be understood. Yet here’s an evidence of its truth. I hope you will feel good as I did after reading this wonderful story of separation and final discovery of brotherly connection through the eyes of many…

There are still great news out there that will warm the heart of many. When you find one, share it also….

When it is bound to happen, no one can stop it. That’s how God works in many mysterious ways…Just my thoughts….



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