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MInistry Update: JRAM Fort McMurray

Our first visit to JRAM Fort McMurray on our last ministry visit to Alberta was short although the travel time combined was 8 hours long, both ways. The day we drove was mixed with rain but the day we left was an excellent weather. Altogether, it was great especially after meeting with our JRAM brethren and had a wonderful time of fellowship. JRAM Fort McMurray’s story was a special one being established by brethren who moved from JRAM Burnaby to find a greener pasture. Praise the Lord that they really find it flowing with oil and honJRAM Fort McMurray Brethreney and even called Fort McMoney. Why? That’s for another story.

We’re glad that our brethren are established being new in the city but saw a huge potential in it, as they shared to us during our conversation. However, seeing JRAM established in this city is very encouraging indeed. Armed with their passionate desire to serve God under this banner, it  caused them to start this work of God with focus  to lift Jesus’ Name among the people living in this city. Indeed, their desire to honor God will produce fruit as they labor to bring as many people to Him through Jesus Rock of Ages Ministries – Fort McMurray.

Having the Huguete family at the forefront, with Greg, Merlyn and their children serving together, comprises a key ingredient for the establishment of JRAM Fort McMurray. Aside from their desire to provide the best for the family, they never forgot to honor God by starting a family bible study in their home with other believers. It was until they felt that the time was right to begin officially a bible study group under the JRAM banner that started the ball rolling. Slowly but surely, they persisted week after week to hold a family bible study and additional brethren from JRAM Burnaby decided to relocate and joining them as well.

Thus, our first meeting was with the brethren who came from JRAM Burnaby but now officially known as JRAM Fort McMurray (a.k.a. JRAM Burnaby 2 with a smile). One thing is clear: a church can only be established when God’s people begin to yield to His Will, Way and Word for His glory alone and when God is involved, nothing is impossible. I thank God for this family and their wholehearted desire to serve God together and setting a clear testimony for others to observe. Thus, let us join them in prayers for God’s mighty hand and favor for JRAM Fort McMurray.




Married, with two young adults, serving God's plan and purpose in my life as as husband, father, Jesus' disciple and servant to God's people.

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