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We can create babies without men, claim scientists | Daily Mail Online

Sign of the times?

Paul Tully, of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, said: ‘Parthenogenisis is akin to cloning in a sense. It is the way lower orders of animals such as frogs and insects are able to reproduce. ‘It is entirely unknown for this to happen in humans and this is a very disturbing discovery. Apart from the ethical concerns of what was happening to these embryos without their consent, it could mean that, theoretically, it would be possible to eradicate men.’ He added: ‘What we are seeing here is the technological imperative – they are doing it just because they can. Is society going to curb this or are we going to see even more outlandish discoveries? ‘My fear is that, as with cloning, there will be horrific developmental abnormalities and accelerated ageing of these embryos. One dreads to think what they may suffer in the name of science.’

Please click her: We can create babies without men, claim scientists | Daily Mail Online.



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