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Girl comes face to face with lion behind a thick glass

Please click on this video link: Girl comes face to face with lion.

It looks like the lion on this video is really hungry except there is a thick plastic wall separating the little girl from being a meal.

I had come across this video from CNN and became reminded by a real person who were thrown into the lion’s den for standing up for his faith and fulfilling his daily prayer routines. Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den for praying 3x a day even when a proclamation against doing it was released through the connivance of his enemies. As a result of being caught in the act, he was sentenced to be thrown into the lion’s den (Daniel 6).

Unlike this child protected by a thick glass from the lion’s obvious hungry look, Daniel was protected by God by having the lion’s mouth closed during his stay. I like this biblical story though many will dismiss it as a fiction. Yet, I know you would agree with me that if you are glad that a thick plastic can protect a child from being eaten by a lion, why would not God do it for His servants and people that put their trust on Him.

Let me know what you think…Just my thoughts.