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Big Ben tower to be renamed in honor of Queen Elizabeth | The Lookout – Yahoo! News Canada

Big Ben tower to be renamed in honor of Queen Elizabeth | The Lookout – Yahoo! News Canada.

Just finished reading this article from Yahoo News and cannot help but to add my unsolicited thoughts on it. The fact that it was known as Big Ben for the past 153 years and will be renamed as Elizabeth Tower would seem be to big a deal with many who have been used to in calling it Big Ben.

As for my own personal thoughts on the matter, it can be renamed but it will take time to make people become accustomed to the new name. Until the new generation comes in, that maybe the only time that it can be renamed as Elizabeth Tower.

I remembered a parallel example ¬†from the Old Testament specifically in Exodus after the Israelites were freed from Egyptian bondage after 430 years that they they did not become accustomed to the Wilderness experience especially when food and water was a concern. They murmured and complained about it and even asserted of what their children wanted until the Lord Himself judged that the generation who left Egypt will not enter the Promised Land. Instead, only those that are 20 years and below will enter. So they wandered for 40 years just to wait for that “Egypt generation” to passed away before another generation can enter the Promised Land.

What’s the similarity? Time and only time can let all changes happen as needed to be. The next generation of people will become accustomed to calling it “Elizabeth Tower” and not the “Big Ben” generation. Just wait and see!