“The Lord is calling many to streamline and downsize in this season – not because you are unfruitful – it is the exact opposite. He is getting you ready for upgrade, expansion, and increase. You will do more with less.”~ Patricia King, Founder and Director of XPMEDIA.COM INC


A Streamline and Upgrade Season for God’s People

imagesIn this coming New Year, there is nothing that should stop us from declaring what we believe that God will bring to pass in our lives. remember that 2012 and everything in the past cannot be taken back again. What we have is another year to ensure that we will maximize our time towards valuable things that pertains to our spiritual life, family, friends, work, and God’s calling. Each day is a new day to see what God has in store for those that looks on Him for help and guidance.

The key for us in this hour is not to ignore the information coming at us, but to remember to always focus in on what God has to say, and what Heaven is highlighting. We must never allow a bad report or alarming news to have a greater impact on us than the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the miraculous ability of our Heavenly Father to bring about all of His promises – no matter what. – Rob Hotchkin, XP Ministries


Focus on God’s Word and Promise

There is no greater adventure one can have in this life than the true Christian life, and there are no more exciting times to have ever lived on the earth than those we are entering. Even so, the greatest miracle of all will be the unity of God’s people and their love for one another. The miracles will be exciting, but the unity and the love that makes it possible will be even more important and more wonderful. Above all things, and above seeing great miracles, we must pursue loving God and demonstrate this love for Him by loving His people. – Rick Joyner,
MorningStar Ministries

The Adventure of Christian Life….