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God is at Work

This last week, two awards night were held in the school of my two children, Jappy and Alyssa. Both received special awards and we are indeed grateful to the Lord for His mighty blessings and favor upon them.



Both received academic awards as you may notice with these two certificates. We are very proud parents and it feels good to know and to observe that they are doing well. We will continue to pray that they will do well in their remaining years in RCA. Jappy will enter his Grade 11 and Alyssa will be in Grade 8  this coming September. Time flies and to see them where they are now just proves how God provides many multiplied blessings to his people.

Another thing that we have realized how both of them have distinct qualities of their own. While Jappy is the academic individual, Alyssa on the other hand showed her Arts personality when she won first place at the Association of Christian Schools International Speech Meet Competition Bible Memorization Category. Here’s a link of her performance during the school’s awards night if you wish to view it:  Also, below is the 1st place trophy she received from that competition:


Then she drew this picture also as part of their Arts class in school showing her creative style in arts:


As proud parents, Monette and I sees how God is indeed at work in them and we firmly believe that He is not yet done. We can only watch and pray as God completes the work that He had started with them and see them attaining success in their chosen endeavours for His glory alone.

We are grateful and indeed proud of their accomplishments. Congratulations Jappy and Alyssa! Keep it up! All glory belongs to God alone!



Married, with two young adults, serving God's plan and purpose in my life as as husband, father, Jesus' disciple and servant to God's people.

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