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My Thoughts: When Honesty Prevailed….

Please click this link : Val Patterson admits to crime, having fake PhD in obituary | Daily Buzz – Yahoo! News Canada.

Here’s a very interesting article that caught my attention to illustrate that nothing is too late when it comes to honesty. The phrase, “Better late than never” became a reality on this story. I personally believe that an ounce of honesty will provide redemption in order to gain a clear conscience and a genuine peace of mind. No matter what others may say or judge about the intent of this person, his intention to become true to his loved ones was done for his own redemption from lies and deceit.

Being an outsider looking in, we can only give our opinion on this matter but it will not change the fact that admitting what he has done in the past and exposing oneself to be dishonest is to be admired. Benjamin Franklin’s statement still rings true even today and cannot be denied, “Honesty is the best policy.”

My thoughts on this man’s action: God will always resist the proud but gives grace to the humble and honesty is humility in action. How many can do what he has done in this day and age?



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